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John G. Thomas PhD , Professor Emeritus

Certified, “High Complexity Clinical Laboratory Director” (HCLD)(ABB)

Professor Emeritus   John G. Thomas, PhD, is recognized as an “International Educator  and Global Microbiologist “ (www.globalbugs.com) having lectured  in more than  43 countries while  a clinical microbiologist in pathology (Professor),  dentistry (Clinical Professor) and Graduate School Education (Adjunct Professor) for 54 years ,  his research emphasizing   biofilms and medical devices.  He has recently focused upon micro 3-D- bio Printing of contour fitting gauzes using bio-plastics and unique Prebiotics with Therapeutic Bacteria (Beneficial Bacteria) for chronic wound intervention (SMarT Gauze); this integrates a common pathway, visualized through his ‘Microbial Clock’ and recently created Center of Hologenomic Clinical Studies (www.globalbugs.com/Hologenomic Center) which underscores a “Dual Citizenship” and co evolution of symbiotic microbes and human ecosystems. “Microbes Matter”.  His Probiotic Solutions integrates Computer Decision Support for Probiotic (Beneficial Bacteria) Guidelines combining AI, Artificial Intelligence and Precision Medicine, expanded recently to emphasize Chronic Wound Care and Aging, hypothesized now as a disease.

He has over 50 publications, multiple book chapters and significant grant support. His military obligation (1969-71)(wounds) and his sabbatical at Cardiff University, Wales, UK (2007)(oral health, biofilms) have remained a driving catalyst. He has been a member of the American Dental Association Scientific Advisory Committee for the last 8 years and American Society of Microbiology for 54 years.

As Faculty at 3 national (Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, Rutgers University  and West Virginia University) and 2 international  Universities ( National University of Singapore and Cardiff University)  during his career , he has received multiple Alumni and University awards for research and    Student Mentoring ;  retiring from  West Virginia University in 2013 after 23 years as Professor Emeritus , he presently  is expanding his research/teaching utilizing  the advanced resources  of the  Allegheny Health Network (Center of Excellence in Biofilm Research) and  Carnegie –Mellon University,  Pittsburg, PA,  and Mass. Gen. Hospital (Dept. of Anesthesia and Critical Care) with Harvard University, Boston,   MA, all under the umbrella of his Global Microbiology Consulting. (GMC) (www.globalbugs.com)

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