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I integrate 51 years of international experience in infectious diseases  and laboratory medicine and dentistry , linked to academic strengths in microbiology and translational research with focus on biofilm  associated diseases .  My links to biotechnology and FDA presentations  are enhanced by knowledge of IRBs, NDAs and federal guide lines;  Considered a "thought leader" , inventive and creative with outstanding team building qualities.

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Multi disciplines in Medicine and Dentistry   coupled to  academic/teaching background  with excellent communication skills enhances scientific knowledge/presentation  ;  this includes  public health , clinical as well as environmental microbiology (sick building syndrome), antibiotic resistance , oral health , food poisioning  and infection control or prevention  , particularly . 


International experiences from Cardiff to Australia , India to Medeterainain, lecturing 10,000 public health providers in a year, has  given much opportunity and material for educational entertainment at all levels, encouraged by a very outgoing  personality.  It also was the creative energy for creation of "The Culture Plate Gang" 6 puppets used to enhance and invigerate audiences whether attending for CEUs, laboratory protocol updates ,  major speaking engagement  at national meeting or post dinner entertainment. Audiences  may include  physicians , nurses, dentists and dental hygientists ,  and respiratory therapists.   Topics include infectious disease in medicine and dentistry , public health,  but more recently describe unusual creations such as a "conversation" between Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch to highlight the changes over the last 100 years , good and bad Ebola and vaccines .       

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